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Secure your Bitcoin with Multisig Vaults

Multi Key Vaults
Multi-layer protection through 2-of-3 multisig vaults that require two key approvals for transactions bolstering your vault security.
Shared Custody
Theya allows you to delegate custody of any key to a family member or a financial advisor. Support for fine-tuning access control.
Sovereign Vault Recovery
Theya supports sovereign and assisted recovery options for your funds. Your funds remain safe even if you lose a key or Theya goes down.

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Multi-signature (multisig) vaults are a sophisticated risk mitigation tool, requiring multiple key signatures for Bitcoin transactions to prevent theft and key loss. They remove single points of failure, ideal for secure self-custody, inheritance, and business use, offering unmatched security for significant Bitcoin holdings and collaborative management.
To set up a multisig wallet, you need to control and own at least two private keys while the service provider secures your recovery key. While DIY multisig with open-source wallets is possible, it can be quite anxiety-inducing for beginners and non-technical users. Theya provides an elegant, no-hassle solution for collaborative multisig, ensuring you benefit from superior self-custody technology with added peace of mind. Book a call today!
The Bitcoin blockchain remains unhacked. Losses usually stem from counter-party risk (like mismanaged exchanges) or user error (such as not protecting seed phrases). Theya's multisig solution bolsters single-sig security, enhancing self-custody assurance by eliminating single points of failure, greatly reducing risks of theft or loss.
Shared custody and planning the inheritance of your bitcoin are essential components of your financial planning. Theya offers native options for users to voluntarily share vault access with trusted family members and financial advisors.

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